Sulfitester project was born 4 years ago, at Optomesures,   when we discovered that some people could suffer from many diseases  due to sulfites in food and wines .


And ends today with the launching on kickstarter, after having spend some time designing the best, portable, affordable, reliable, equipment that could be of real interest to ease life of part of the population . 




Thanks to sulfitester you will be able to know the exact dose of sulphites that our food forces us to eat every day and to choose the products which contain as little as possible.

So small and light that it fits into a purse or the inside pocket of a jacket, to take it wherever you might have to dose  SO3--. molecule




Sulfitester is a concentrate of innovations that transforms laboratory analysis into analysis for all:


  • miniaturization of a near UV spectrophotometer

  • Microcuvettes pre-filled with reagent, sealed with highly resistant aluminum foil

  • 2 very fast steps guaranteeing accuracy and reliability of analysis whatever the color of the sample


Working to  help  others  is always challenging and  rewarding , we will do our best to fullfil the trust you will place in us .